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 Pro-bending Arena and Rules

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PostSubject: Pro-bending Arena and Rules   Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:51 pm


The Arena:
Blah blah blah Dirty Slut
Team Requirements:
To have an eligible team for Pro-Bending the following positions must be filled
Note that no team can have both a Firebender and Airbender.

Pro-Bending, like any other sport, comes with rules. These rules are to be followed or else a referee will call a temporary stop to the match and dish out a penalty (Discussed Below). There are several main sections of the rules listed below, each branching into specific rules according to title.
General Rules:
-No Hitting the Referee or Referee Stand
-Injured players are to return to the rest area and sit out for the remainder of the match
-Each match is to consist of 3 rounds (Best of 3 wins)
-If an entire team is knocked from the platform legally the opposing team wins the match immediately
-No striking the spectators in any fashion
-No damaging the arena intentionally
-Competitors may not knock opponents off of the side of the arena
-In the case of Avatars, they must choose the element they wish to bend for the duration of the match without substitute. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in penalties.
-Matches will consist of 3 Rounds, with the winners being those who score the most of those Rounds.
Bending Rules
Pro-Bending has rules for each style of bending and disregarding them will result in a penalty. Pro-Bending also enforces a strict “No Advanced Elements” rule, meaning no lightning, ice, sound, void, or other advanced elements for bending under any circumstances. Below are the individual rules for bending.
-Firebenders: No Firebender may use a blast of flame longer than one second, nor can these fire blasts be aimed for the face/head.
-Airbenders: No Airbender may use a blast of air longer than one second on any opponent. Any form of flight is strictly prohibited.
-Waterbenders: Waterbenders must use water from the troughs provided on the arena floor, both the front and back troughs that help determine zones for the arena. They may strike the body freely with water, but no blast of water shall last longer than one second.
-Earthbenders: Earthbenders are required to use only the provided clay disks in the arena floor in their zone. These disks may not be broken intentionally to be used as dust/sand/etc. No direct blows to the head are allowed, however bending several discs at once is allowed.

Gaining Territory:
At the start of the match, each team must remain within the first zone nearest to the center of the arena. Once a competitor is knocked into zone two by someone from the opposing team, he or she must stay there and cannot return to zone one. The same rules apply if he or she crosses over to zone three. A player that is completely knocked off the ring cannot return that round.
If all three members from one team are knocked back into zone two, a green light appears in the center line and the opposing team can advance into zone one on the other side; if they do this, they cannot move backwards into their own zone. If they then manage to knock all of the opposing team members into zone three, another green light appears between zones one and two, and they can advance again into zone two. However, if a team that has been pushed back manages to push the other team back a zone, they can advance forward one zone. The main aim for both teams is to push the other team back, thereby gaining territory.

Playing the Round
When play begins, each member of each team makes a post in the order determined by the team’s captain. The team to post first will be considered the “Home Team” and the other team will be the “Away Team”. After all three members of each team have posted, the referee will make a decision regarding territory gains/losses by judging the posts provided on several levels (Explained Below). They will also declare any Knockouts at the time. This series is called a “Pass”. There are 4 Passes per round.

The only thing that can interrupt a pass would be the execution of a penalty, which would immediately be called by the Referee. This interrupted pass starts over and does not count towards the 4 Pass limit per round. Territory is reset at the end of each Round.
The referee (or Referees in tournament play) has the important job of being impartial to both teams and judging the contest before them. Using the team’s posts, they will declare ultimate which territories are gained or lost and preside over calling knockouts. They are \

-Realism: How realistic is the writing? Is someone blocking every blow that comes their way or dodging everything? Or are they writing well, taking attacks and doling them out with a sense of realistic abilities?
-Quality of Writing: How well do they grasp the English language and use it to paint an accurate and understandable picture?
-Tactics: Good tactics or bad tactics?
-Teamwork: How well does the team work together to achieve their goals? Are they cohesive or are they out of sync?

At the end of each Pass the Referee(s) declare territory lost by individual members of each team and declare whether or not the team has gained an entire territory. This declaration should come in the form of a narrative post with the territory gain being declared in character
Quote :
Example: Nisha watched the teams battle with an unbelievable ferocity. The Dizzy Polar Bears Earthbender had just been slammed with a combo attack and seemed to skid back into the third territory and was close to falling off the edge while his teammates faired much better. Together the Fire and Waterbender had shoved the entire Ornery Owls back into their own second territory. Raising a fan, Nisha cried out to the crowd “The Dizzy Polarbears may each advance one territory!”
Referees can declare how many territories each individual loses and stop any Pass to call an immediate penalty and stop of the Pass. They may also call out any injuries they consider too serious to allow to continue in the match at any time, also restarting the Pass.
A round is won by gaining territory before time runs out. If no team has secured opposing territory by the end of the round, the team with the most number of players remaining wins the round. However, if the team with fewer players has gained more territory by the end of the round, then they are declared as the winners of that round. Judging should include the following criteria:
A Knockout occurs when a team eliminates all opponents legally by pushing them off of Zone 3 and into the water below. No matter what the current score of the Match, this stops the match immediately with a victory for the team remaining on the arena.

Penalties are awarded to players who break the rules and result in the current Round coming to a temporary halt and the offending player being moved back a Zone for their negligence. In extreme cases, the player may be moved back two zones instead of one (Though this still only counts as one penalty).
Each player may receive up to 4 Penalties per match before being ejected from the Arena for the duration of the match.

If a round ends in a deadlock, with neither team gaining territory and having an equal number of players on the field, the winner is decided in a tiebreaker "face off". In a face off, the referee tosses a coin, and the team that wins the coin toss can decide which player and which element will go into the face off. Players always face their same element.
The face off takes place on a raised circular platform in the center of the ring. Players may use their respective elements, along with grappling, so long as there are no "empty hand strikes", particularly punches to the face or kicks to the stomach. The objective is to knock the opposing pro-bender off the circle. The player who falls off first loses the tiebreaker, and the opposing team wins that given round. If both players fall off the circle simultaneously, the player who lands first (hitting either the ring, ropes or the water pit below) loses the tiebreaker.
If the referee cannot determine who landed first in the above scenario, a second tiebreaker is held between two other members, using a different element. When each team has won a round and the third ends in a deadlock, a tiebreaker face off is used to determine the team who wins the entire match

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PostSubject: Re: Pro-bending Arena and Rules   Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:43 am

This does not belong in the graphics center. Within the next few days we are going to remove this so by then repost it in the Avatar Discussion section. There everyone can comment on things they think should be added or changed.
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Pro-bending Arena and Rules
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