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 Heiwa Kūki Complete

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PostSubject: Heiwa Kūki Complete   Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:08 am

"Air is the element of freedom. To be one with the air you must free your mind and your body. Only then may you truly be an Airbender."

Basic Character Information:

Name: Heiwa Kūki
Age: 16
Gender: Female


Heiwa is a tall girl, standing at the height that has aqua blue eyes and hair. Her hair goes down towards her neck with two lengths of hair emerging from her neck and going father down towards her breasts. It stops just below her breasts. Upon her forehead is a golden Tiara like item that, if anyone touches, she attacks them with the intent to kill because of the importance of the item with her and her past. On her arms, Heiwa wears two golden bangles, another remnant from her other life.

Upon the upper half of her person, she wears a black half top that covers her breasts. It is fastened at the back and is kept up with two straps that go over either shoulder. Upon the centre of the half top, there is a zip that is connected by a golden ring. This is used whenever Heiwa needs to change in a hurry but it is mainly for the sake of being there, to make the top more interesting.

On her lower body she has a pair of shorts that have a crimson red belt over them. Upon the belt is a keyring that is simply a golden ring connected to another piece of material that is unimportant. Upon her feet are black boots with red straps, to match the other pieces of clothing she wears. Unlike the other pieces of clothing, however, Heiwa's shoes have no golden bands around them. She believes they would just get in the way while she tried to bend the air around her.

Personality: Heiwa is a peaceful and kind young woman most of the time, helping others as she was taught to do so by the air monks that she lived with. She is kind to all animals and humans, benders and non benders alike. She does not treat anyone differently unless they give her reason to. if someone attacks another or harms anyone or any animals in any way, be it verbal or physical, she will retaliate. Even if the one she is saving began the fight, she will end it in whatever way she sees fit.

Although she is calm, kind and peaceful, this does not mean she is like this every day. When she leaves the monks and the Air temples and goes into the outside world, her personality changes depending on which Nation she is in. Her Air persona is listed above, the rest are listed below:

Fire: When Heiwa enters the Fire nation, her personality changes to become like the Fire. She makes hasty decisions and is always looking for a fight. She becomes smug and starts to make decisions which could cost her her life but she does not care. She does not value allies as highly but in battle she is very cunning, using her air in strange ways to defeat the opponent. She would do anything to win, even cheat, while in the Fire Nation.

Earth: While Heiwa is in the Earth Nation, he personality becomes sturdy and tough, like the rock around her. She becomes withdrawn and does not speak as much as she normally would. She stays quiet most of the time, outside of battle as well as in battle. She becomes very calculating and can quickly make up plans but, because she doesn't talk much, people don't usually hear her plans.

Water: When Heiwa enter the Nation of Water, whichever pole that may be, her personality changes yet again. This time, she is much wiser and observes everything. She is quick to adapt to change like the currents of a lake, ever changing, and can alter her battle styles with ease if one does not work. She is calm like a still sea, but, if you make one ripple, it may multiply. This means that, if you anger her a little, she may get very angry, like the ripple in the lake.

Rank Information:

Rank: Recruit
Nation: Eastern Air Temple
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Air
Specialty: Tracker

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Endless breath
Description:Residents of the air nation have large lung capacities and are able to hold their breath for extremely long times. They can breath in rough weather like sandstorms smoke and ash, and are very good and holding their breath.

Name:Perfect Aim
Description:Residents of the air nation have extremely accurate aim, they can locate and pin point things quickly and accurately, and almost never miss their target. They are the best marksmen out there.

Name: Personality Change
Range: Self
Description: Depending on the Nation she is in, Heiwa can take on a completely different personality for each. Each personality is like the element of the nation and comes with it's own buffs and faults.


Supplementary Airbending:

Defensive Airbending:

Offensive Airbending:

Specialty skills:

Name: Far Sight
Specialty: Tracker
Ability: The Tracker has increased eye sight, they can see father than a normal human and can see in the dark. Things like rain, smoke and other things do not hinder their eye sight.

Name: Every Detail
Specialty: Tracker
Ability: The Tracker must stalk his/her prey. Because of this, the Tracker can detect even the slightest disturbance in the area around him/her.


Special Abilities:


Name: Air Glider
Heiwa's staff is a thin, long, wooden staff used not only as a weapon, but also as a tool to manipulate air currents with airbending. With the staff, she is able to send powerful blasts of air towards her enemies by triggering the smaller wing on the staff as a miniature fan. She could also use it as a glider, as it came with a pair of blue folding wings. It was hand-crafted by the monks of the Southern Air Temple.
Range: 1 metre
Rank: Recruit
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: Given to Heiwa when she showed promise as an Airbender.

History and RP Sample:

Act I : The Bored Princess

Heiwa was born into a rich, non bending family that were famous in the Earth Kingdom. She was a princess to a big city and her everything in her life had been done for her. If she was a lazy, fat girl, it would be a perfect life, but she was not any of those things. Heiwa could not stand being kept inside and having everything done for her so, whenever she was bored, she would disguise herself as a slave and deliver her own food to her room. The other servants knew who she was, as well as her personal bodyguards, but they all stayed quiet because it was less work for them and because they knew that Heiwa hated being locked up in her room. Everything was fine with this until her father, the ruler of the city she lived in, discovered who she truly was.

Act II : What The People Want

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was rising to it's peak at noon, almost there with almost no clouds in the sky. Heiwa had never thought of leaving the castle in which she lived before but, after seeing the weather outside on that day, she just could not contain herself. She had an excuse if she was caught at least. Her excuse being that, since she would be ruling over the people, she might as well get to know them, see what they liked and what they did not like about her father's rule. Because of who she was, she kept her heritage a secret as she talked to the people she would later rule over. Content that she knew what she would have to change when she took over, she started back towards the castle. It was at the gates that her father met her.

Act III : He Found Me

Heiwa was walking back but, before she could get through the gates and become a princess once more, she saw her father, clad in armour, and the elite warriors her father had with their leader, Shi, leading them through the gate. She had already discarded her cloak so she had nowhere to go when her father turned and saw her. His face, after having a quick flash of relief, burned with anger. He walked over to her and glared at her, demanding to know where she had been. When she told him, he slapped her, saying that it didn't matter what the people wanted, and that he was the one in control. This infuriated Heiwa and so she pushed her hands against her father to push him away. What she did then, changed her life forever.

Act IV : From Royalty To Airbender

She had pushed her father back, which alone was not intended, but her father had gone back about ten metres with a gust of air that had appeared... out of Heiwa's hand. She could not believe what she had done... what she had become. She had Airbended, she was an Airbender. Everyone was feeling the same way, in shock. The servants had stopped working and were gawking at her, She shared their feelings and so, before they could regain their senses and judge her actions, she ran inside and thought about how to continue. She decided to run away and so got everything together, However, her plans didn't go right. Before she could leave, she was stopped, by an unlikely person.

Her mother was standing there, tears falling down her face, a long wrapped gift in her hands that she cradled like you would newborn. She told Heiwa that she, too, was once an Airbender but had given it up to live long ago because Heiwa had been terribly ill and so she had to settle down and look after her. She then pulled the wrappings off the gift and revealed it to Heiwa. It was an Airbender glider, her mother's Airbending glider. She explained that she had kept it her entire life but, now that her daughter had inherited her gifts, it was only right to pass it on to her. Heiwa took the gift and left, tears in her eyes as she thought of her mother's sacrifice.

Act V : A New Home

Heiwa used the glider to fly to the Eastern Air temple, where she learned to master the element of air. The monks taught her to respect all nature but be open to change, like the wind itself changed. Heiwa did not have to change much of her personality to become one with the air. She discarded most of her old jewellery so that people would not recognize her if they saw her, but she did keep some to remember her former life. She stayed in the Air temple to learn all she needs to know about Airbending from the masters. This is where she currently resides.

Rp Sample:
Quote :

Kegawa Inuzuka and Burakku were training in the forest located in the land known as the Land of Waterfall which was close to the once great nation and village of Hoshigakure No Sato. Burakku was practising his speed while Kegawa was trying to upgrade his accuracy with his crossbow and trying to practise how quickly he could draw it in case he had only a second to pull it out and fire. If he didn't do it fast enough he would die in battles. He pulled it out but it got stuck and he died, at least, he would have died if he was in a fight but he was only training. He tried it again and managed to get it out but it took 2.3 seconds. He had to be faster than that. He had to be as fast as Burakku but he knew that was impossible.

He looked at Burakku and thought about fighting with him: close up ripping people to shreds. Kegawa would've loved to fight like that but his wasn't skilled in Taijutsu or close combat fighting. He was skilled with weapons but it was starting to show that in fact he wasn't that skilled. He had to pick another form of fighting and his close combat skills were as good as his weapon skills so in other words: his weapon skills were bad. He would do anything to learn the art of Taijutsu but for that he would need a strong ninja to teach him and to teach Burakku. He just hoped one would find one soon. If he did not find a master or mistress to teach him the art of Taijutsu then he would try to learn it on his own with Burakku's aid. The chances of that training being of any use was slim, however, which is why he wanted a human teacher. He had nothing against Burakku but, since the dog knew him very well, it may cloud his judgement on how good Kegawa was doing.

A few days after he had seen the damage caused to his home, Kegawa had decided it would be best to leave and Burakku had agreed. So they had packed the things they thought were most important, which was only two things: Kegawa and Burakku. They had nothing of value so they had left instantly. They had heard from members of Hoshi, back when it still stood, that it had maintained contact with the Land of Waterfalls and that they were companions. It seemed like the most logical choice at the time because, if they went to the big countries like Kirigakure or Tengakure and told people where they were from, it would only raise many questions about what had happened and Kegawa could not answer any of them for he had missed it. He had fought twice that day but they had been good fights. One was with the red haired girl, the paper user, and the other one who had just appeared and disappeared. Kegawa, Burakku, and the red haired female had all worked together to defeat the other two shinobi. That had been his first battle. The next one he had lost, to the child Jiro. The sixty-three year old child if memory served well and he had been telling the truth. He had won using the illusion art of Genjutsu by trapping Kegawa in a Genjutsu. Kegawa hated thinking about it which is why he wished to become stronger with his strength. Using illusions was a dirty way to win so Kegawa wanted to prove he could be strong using his own strength, gained from unchanging determination and effort. This was how he would win his battles from now on.

The weather was calm this day like Mother Nature had forgotten all about the destruction that had occurred earlier that year to Kegawa's village, his home, and the pain and deaths of so many strong shinobi and innocent normal civilians. The fact that he had missed the destruction of his own village angered him so much and so when he looked at his crossbow and grenades once more, he saw their incompetence. He saw their weakness compared to the likes of Burakku and so he threw them hard on the ground and before the toxic gases of the poison grenades came out, Kegawa used Dragon Fire jutsu to burn them and the gases exploded and were lost to the air. Kegawa smiled at the irony. The grenades had been slow, not him. The weapons were bad. Not him. He was strong. He had Burakku. And he and Burakku would from now on fight together. But first he needed to get stronger with Taijutsu and so he fought with Burakku.

Kegawa had been rash and had ran at Burakku with a kunai in his hands, this was a bad move. Burakku side stepped out of the way and then he jumped forward and bit into the flesh of Kegawa's left leg. Kegawa bit his tongue so as not to cry out and broke free of his partner's embrace by jumping into the air and spinning around. Burakku had to let go but he landed perfectly. Kegawa admired Burakku's speed but, since he was battling Burakku, he also hated him for it. Kegawa then threw three kunai at Burakku, one in the middle and one at either side to prevent him from side stepping. He did not plan on Burakku jumping into the air above them and then rushing Kegawa. He rammed his side into Kegawa's stomach and Kegawa fell back, winded and trying to catch his breath. He raised his hand in defeat and Burakku walked over to him, pride in his eyes at winning the fight, but also sadness at the pain he had caused his friend and partner.

It had been quite a short battle but Kegawa had gained much from it about his strengths and weaknesses. Kegawa hadn't really battled that well so he had no chance against a beast of close up fighting. He had many scratches and bruises but he had learned something from his fight with his dog. Burakku was stronger than Kegawa and Kegawa would need to catch up with Burakku's ever growing power. Kegawa would learn to fight like Burakku, with Burakku. He would embrace the the clans ability: their bond with their canine brother or sister. Kegawa saw that now and was he happy that he had Burakku to train and to train with.

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PostSubject: Re: Heiwa Kūki Complete   Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:25 pm

Finally Finished
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Heiwa Kūki Complete
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