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 Terein: Earthbender Knight

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PostSubject: Terein: Earthbender Knight   Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:31 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Terein
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Terein has a earth bender appearance, since he as slight tone skin color along with his toned muscular body. Terein has a dark brown color hair that extends to his bottom neck, but also covers down his ears and to his cheeks. His hair is also spiked up in different places as see above. His clothing also matches on of a earth bender, having a loose tan color pants, that if seen straight looks like a dress but isn't has a tight black short selves shirt with two red belts crossing from each of his shoulders. Finally he has his metal arm brace on his left arm.

Personality: Terein personality is split into 3 main sections. The first one is his honor, his loyalty. Terein has the out most best trust and loyalty for a guy, if he gains your trust and vice versa, he will with his last breathe defend his friends, love ones, beliefs, and anyone else. He learned this from being taught and raised by his family. Also Terein has a sense of pride that also goes along with his loyalty. As some say his pride would be his honor as well but not quite. As Terein does have honor in a fight or anything else but also has his smarts to avoid trouble, or sneak around it, be a sneaky bastard if you will. As Terein doesn’t have a problem using cheats or anything to give him a push into life or allowing him to live but tends to sometimes use and not use them, depending on the situation. His second one is his recklessness and emotions with mostly is his anger. Terein also has that jealous but to a point reckless attitude. As if he loses his cool and for some reason releases his anger, he tends to lose “himself” and go full out to either win, kill, or protect, or whatever he is doing. But also with the advantage of his power being controlled by his emotions, it’s also a disadvantage. As he can be controlled by his emotions and lose what he was actually doing, but this is a rare event as he tends to keep his anger and emotions deep inside and not in the open, revealing how he is 90% of the time calm. Which brings into his third one, calm. When you first meet Terein in the wild, in the street, anywhere, he is normally seen as that calm and relaxed type of person. Terein tends to be a calm and serious type of person when you first meet him as he has a “go with the flow” outlook at life and doesn’t like looking back at the past, even if he does sometimes, and cares more on the future and to let go. Also he has a caring factor in his personality that allows him to be also what most people would call a “nice guy”, he tends to be nice and kind to everyone he meets having the most respect for anyone until they break that respect by insulting or if he just doesn’t like you directly.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Earth Kingdom
Organization: N/a
Bending Element: Earth, Metal
Specialty: Brute

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Rough Hide
Description:Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name:Brute Force
Description:Residents of Earth nation are strong brute like people. Their physical strength is increased and unmatched by others. They can punch, kick lift and move things with so much more power than those not from the Earth nation

Name: Fire Noob
Range: Self
Description: Terein being around fire for much of his life, with his father and his brother training him, he has increased his level of being able to resist the heat of the flames. Even through this doesn't fully protect him, it only allows him to handle the heat from the flames from either an firebender, natural fire, or the heat from the sun.

Name: Seismic Sense
Range: All
Description: With this "sixth sense" Terein is able to perceive surroundings. By sensing vibrations in the ground, earthbenders can perceive their surroundings as precisely as normal sight. Practitioners can use the sense to detect things out of their line of sight, even right behind them. Obstacles that would normally obstruct regular vision, such as walls and thick dust clouds, are ineffective against seismic sense, and caverns and other cavities deep underground can also be detected by an acute seismic sense. Even earth that is not on the ground can be detected. Terein can also use this to make metal bending easier for himself and use it as a lie detection.

Name: Increase Will
Range: All
Description: Terein isn't the most fastest person ever, but his speed is close enough to normal. But he relies on his strength and defense as any earth bender would. With this being his fighting style, Terein has the ability to over come much of pain and damage with his high power of will and determination.


Name: General Earth, Metal, Sand Manipulation
Rank: Recruit- General
Element: Earth, Sand, Metal
Range: 10x10 meters, 40 meters range
Description: From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of an Earth bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Earth, Metal, and Sand is all in the mind of the bender.

Name: Sand Storm
Rank: Captain
Element: Sand
Range: Med-Long
Description: Terein is able to create a sandstorm that is able to decrease the visibility of the enemy, etc. He can only do this with a medium range of sand around him.

Name: Sharp Earth
Rank: Captain-General
Element: Earth
Range: Short-Med

Name: Metal/Earth Armour
Rank: Captain-General
Element: Earth/Metal
Range: Self
Description: Terein is able to cover himself with earth or metal to make a defense armor. (Note his Metal Arm Brace, he can use that to cover his arm in metal as well. Same effect as this tech.)

Name: Deep Tunnel
Rank: Solider
Element: Earth
Range: Short
Description: Terein creates a tunnel deep into the earth that can be used to hide, travel, etc.

Specialty skills:

Name: Knock Outs
Specialty: Brute
Ability: Terein is able to cause more damage and hurt a lot more with each of his attacks. These attacks also are able to increase the risk of being knocked out by them or thrown to the ground.

Name: Rampage
Specialty: Brute
Ability: Once Terein starts to throw punches/attacks, he enters his rampage mode which allows him to increase his speed of bending and dealing more and more attacks than usual.


Type: Open-But hard to find.
Name: Cuspia
Species: Addapard
Element: N/a

Description: Addapard is a cross breed of an addax and a leopard, it has a brown pelt with shades of black dots and a sandy white undercoat, that would help it blend with the terrain of the earth kingdom. It's size is much large than a humans about the size of a air bison, can be ridden by up to 3 max of people. It's large horns are able to break through rock, and go through trees easily. It does have great sight and hearing senses, and very agile to be able to jump, dodge and run up to the max speed of 55 MPH. Even through it isn't the fastest it can be ridden for countless of hours, and travel long distantly easily. He can leap up to 30-50 feet easily. It does have small claws underneath each paw but it doesn't use them to fight or hurt, mostly to climb. His teeth are decently dull to border line sharp as it's mostly a herbivore, but can eat meat at times.
Special Abilities: Cuspia is able to see in the dark, and be able to climb vertically on buildings, large cliffs, trees etc. It can run for about 2 days straight before getting tired.
Origin: Terein and his brother grew up with Cuspia when they were very young and actually grew along with it. Terein then received it as his own pet, when he left his home for the journey


Name: Metal Arm Brace
Range: N/a
Rank: Captain-General?
Special Abilities: It really is just a metal arm brace, that Terein has on his left arm. It really is just used a a metal supply for Terein to bend into a sword, etc. Mostly it's just a supply of metal that Terein carries.
Origin: Terein on his journey taught himself how to metal bend and realizing the lack of natural metal in the world, creating this arm brace for himself to have at all times.

History and RP Sample:
Before Birth: Family's History
Before Terein was even born, things were all over the place. Terein's father Aozam was a care free, look for a better life type of guy. So during one of his voyages, since he had a trading company with the earth kingdom, he met a beautiful young woman named, Maia which soon would become Terein's mother. Maia and Aozam married each other, which was looked down upon from Aozam's family. They believed in keeping the family "pure" with only fire benders not with earth benders like Maia. Aozam didn't care for his father's ideas and thoughts, and so he went on marrying Maia. With his marriage he was disowned and exiled away from his family. Aozam heart broken by this, moved back to the earth kingdom and settled in a town that had both cultures of the fire nation and earthbenders. There he had Terein, at first he was hoping to have a fire bender son so he could use him to get his father to understand the relationship, but it failed when Aozam found out Terein was an earth bender. When this news got to Aozam's father, it lowered his chances of coming back to the family.

Childhood: Years 1, 2 & 3
Terein when he was born, had a simple beginning of a childhood since he was an only child at this point. His father still had his trading business but instead with the fire nation he held it along the coasts of the earth kingdom, and parts of the Si Wong Desert. His mother also helped with the trading business but had a local shop in the town they lived in. Terein was never told about his relationship with the fire nation, and wasn't even told about his dad being one. He only visited his mom's side of the family and only knew that he was just had earth kingdom family nothing more or less. That was until his younger brother was born..

Childhood: Fire Nation X Earth Kingdom???
When his little brother was born, everything changed. Terein excepted maybe another earthbender in the family so they can both have fun, or at least a nonbender so he could pick on him. But when his younger brother grew up and shot his first fire ball. Things went all over the place. Terein was confused about all of this and soon was told the truth by his mother. When Terein realized this, he then knew that he had a whole different family and life if he was living in the fire nation, the thing he wasn't told was that they were disowned by his fire nation family. Now with Terein's brother being a fire bender, this rose hopes for his father. He knew that he if trained Terein's brother, to become a prefect firebender, he could use him to show his grandpa that marrying into another bending family doesn't mean anything.

Childhood: Flames Bought Back
Later in Terein's life, his brother and he were training together with his father. Terein was being constantly fired upon to increase some resistance to the heat of the flames, over time it did increase. But one day when Aozam received a letter from his father, it said that he knew about his younger son being a firebender, and wanted to see the true power of this boy. So he invited Aozam and Terein's younger brother only to come over for the first time in many years. Terein wanted to go but was told that he couldn't, the reason was that he still had to get better handling the heat, or some bull lie that his father used. So Terein stayed with his mother, as his brother and father left.

Childhood: The "Terein" Changes
When his father and brother left, one day Terein was sitting outside playing with the sand bored, and confused on why he couldn't go over to the fire nation. That was when his mother came outside and bended sand on to him. "Just because your father and brother are out, doesn't mean your training stops." She told him. Terein then practiced with his mother everyday, as he soon became a well master at earth bending and pretty good with his sand bending. He wanted to learn metal bending but his mother didn't know it, but she did teach him the main idea behind seismic sense, which he developed. As the years went by, which were only 2 years. Terein finally confronted his mother about why he really couldn't go the fire nation. Using his seismic sense, he could tell his mother was lying to him again, so she finally told him the real truth.

Maturing: Heading Towards the Flames
Terein waiting and waiting for his father and brother to come back, finally gave up and decided to go into the fire nation and visit his grandfather. His mother told him this was a bad idea but supported him into maybe finally making peace with his grandfather. Terein before he left his home was given Cuspia as a traveling buddy. Terein and Cuspia traveled together on a ship towards the fire city his grandfather lived in. When he arrived at the house it seemed to be deserted. Terein then asked around the town and soon found out that his grandfather took his brother and father to a island. Terein then went to the harbor to find his grandfather there..

Less Lies..More Truth..
His grandfather seemed shock and angry to see his god forsaken earth bender grandson which he hated to be here at the fire nation. His grandfather asked him if he wanted to so his father and brother, but the only way he could was if Terein could beat his grandfather to an Agni Kai. Clearly Terein didn't know what the hell was going on since being an earth bender he didn't know if this could work. His grandfather didn't care, he shot the first flames at Terein, and the battle began. Within the whole battle, his grandfather was telling Terein about how he hated him and his mother, how his father came here to beg forgiveness, and offer his brother to his grandfather so that he may be bought back to the family. All of this was the truth but slightly a lie, his grandfather used this to bring Terein's rage out and use it against him. It worked.. Terein was blasted into the sea and left there to die. Cuspia was the only one that saved him.

Decisions: Crippling the Old Man
Terein when he woke up was inside a warm bed, to his side was his cousin Sela. Sela and her mother had a similar life like Terein's. Sela was born to a fire bender mother and a water bender father. Her father wasn't with her anymore, as the real truth was that Terein's grandfather killed him. Sela was the one that opened up Terein's mind to the whole family drama. She told him that his father was in prison for being accused of trying to kill Terein's grandfather, and that his brother was some where in the world. Terein was also given the news that his grandfather was planing to end the drama by killing Terein's mother and and Terein to keep the family "pure". Terein that day, made the decision to protect his mother he had to stop his grandfather. Terein then that next morning went to face his grandfather again. Terein knew he couldn't fight his grandfather because he was too strong, so he wanted to talk his way out. It didn't last long, his grandfather sent his plan into action, he attacked. Terein was able to dodge his way out and move himself and his grandfather to a nearby cliff side. This is where the battle started. Terein was able to get any hits on his grandfather, and didn't have the mind set to kill him either. So all he did was defend and dodge. But at the end, one sentence changed it all. "After I kill you, I'll kill your mother!" This filled Terein's rage up to the point of no return, and with one small stance, one small move, Terein collapsed his grandfather down the cliff and accidentally killing him.

The Letter Home: Finding the Flame Extinguished
After the little scene, Terein left the fire nation town. He wished Sela best of wishes and went to find his brother. His search for his brother took a wild turn, when he found a lead about his father's location. Terein then visited a prison nearby the fire nation capital. There he was given the news about his father's death as he died from 2nd degree burns to his chest, just days when he arrived. Terein was heart broke by this, so he sent a letter explaining what happened over the month to his mother. In the letter he told her about what happened to his father, and that he was going to bring back his brother back to her soon. But it didn't have anything about his grandfather, everyone besides Terein thought his grandfather died by falling off the cliff not a battle with his grandson.

Brother Found, Father Missing..?
After a few months of wandering around with Cuspia, Terein found out that his brother was all safe and sound, at a Yu Yan Archer Academy, as he was honing his skills as well as his fire bending. That bought a relief to Terein but only for a short while, as he was staying with his brother he received a letter from his father. It told Terein that his father was alive, but that's all, nothing more nothing less. And so, he left his brother to stay at the academy, and told him to come find Terein when he was done with his training. Until then Terein would be searching for his father...

Rp Sample:

All Pictures Used in this App, doesn't belong to me. But to their respectful owners.
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looks good-approved
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Terein: Earthbender Knight
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