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 Obtaining those misc useless daggers.

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PostSubject: Obtaining those misc useless daggers.   Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:04 pm

Riri had been wandering up and down the countryside for some time. Skipping dazily through the day. She was a lot happier and calmer when nobody was about, so frolicking through forests meadows didn't embarrass her in the slightest. Dancing through the bright yellow flowers she felt on top of the world, basking in the sunlight as it struck her covered up skin. her dancing was interrupted however when she went a little too far to the edge of the meadow, which apparently rested on a clifftop in the forest.

The ground around her crumbled and she fell along with it, falling about thirty feet to the ground. Luckily she span around, using her air bending to soften her fall as she struck the floor. bending her knees as she did. With a flick of her read hair she examined the area she'd landed in, surveying the area with her large eyes. She'd landed in deeper forest.

There was however a mud trail, that led through the dense woodland, and she skipped along it happily, wondering where her next adventure would take her. It wasn't long however before the curious girl found what appeared to be an abandoned campsite. Though she neglected the fact that the coals in the fire were still hot. The camp contained the remains of a fire, a still set up tent, a sitting blanket that held the fire nation insignia, and a small satchel. Already having decided that the camp was abandoned Riri had no issues with searching through the satchel. It contained a bunch of ornamental knives.

Looking lef,t and then right, and then left again Riri decided that nobody was here. She picked up the satchel and went to leave the camp. She then remembered the tent. She decided one last check, and if someone was in the tent she'd lave the satchel. She peeked inside, only exposing the top side of her body to the entrance. The tent seemed completely empty. Save for some food! Which Riri quickly pilfered ad ate up. It tasted a little burnt and old, but it was better than nuts and berries. So there was nobody at the camp after all. And with that Riri skipped off with her new found treasure. Giving a quick glance back at the camp before heading off for good. Unknown to Riri, a fire nation soldier returned later to the camp. very annoyed his hand crafted daggers had gone missing, along with his meal.

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Obtaining those misc useless daggers.
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