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Basic Character Information:

Name: Houki San Hasu
Alisa: Ace
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Houki San Hasu 326486-kyo21__super_zps223eb237

Looks: Ace's over all body structure is normal size for a man no older than 25 years old. He is five feet and ten inches in height and weights no more than 185 pounds. His body has a well tone muscular out look, but is not too bulky and gives him an athletic appearance. Ace has very little body hair and no facial hair.

Ace loves wearing sleeveless shirts that is all black and fits very tightly. He can also be caught wearing a long sleeves white shirt that fit him well but is baggy around the arm area. When on missions, he always wears his Mission Jacket all white and has his clan's symbol on the back of it. The symbol is surrounds by small sound signs and on his shoulders there are two yang and yen symbol on both sides. He wears an armband on his right arm. He never moves it because it covers a diamond shape scare on his right arm. He likes to wear his all black pants that hugs his ankles. He usually wears this long black pants in the time of winter or when it’s raining out side. He own two types of boots, his all black mission boats and his black and brown training boots. He wears an all black rag around his waist. When in the land of the living he normally wheres what ever is in style depending on what his mission is and what he has to do.

Ace has long, spiky hair with black and blue streaks. His hair hangs carelessly loose about four inches down his back. He normally keeps a green band tied around his hair to make it a spiked pony-tail, but this is only on days when he is busy in the soul society. When he is in the human world he allows his hair to hangs straight down. And no matter how much he tries to keep his hair tied up in battle, there is always some strange turns of events that says other wise, and leaves it hanging loose again. He keeps a bane in his hair no matter what the situation is. The bane is made of three short spikes that hangs down in front of his face about three inches short of his chin. The banes are locked in place by a fancy comb that is the same shape of his hair. The fancy comb it also green and the exact shade of color as his band.

Ace has typically small eyes for a man his age. He eyes color is haze with a greenish undertone that make them look orange in bright lights. His left eye normal stays hidden away underneath his bane. Directly under his left eye is a small diamond shape birthmark, it too is covered by his bane. Someday days Ace finds it necessary to wear glass, although he doesn't need them, he claims they help him to think. Even though he hasn't been able to prove this yet, lots of people says he looks good with them on. When he is anger he tends to squint his eyes, but when he is happy his eyes become fully opened. Due to his bad sleeping habits he does have light bags under his eyes, but because he normally walks around and talks with his eyes closed; you would never know this unless you were starring at him and looking for a flaw on his face..

Personality: Ace has a too himself personality. He likes to keep his distances from other because he doesn’t like the idea of being attached to other people. He’s very quite but he’s not shy. Ace is actually a very cocky because, he’s never lost a fight to anyone on his level or anyone consider to be below his level. He never speaks unless he feels it will benefit him in some kind of way. He hates work but loves to go on missions, you can almost say he likes to keep himself busy. He despises every one including his family, but he never let’s anyone know how he truly feels. Because he fears people will stop trusting him and he’ll be stopped from going on missions.

Ace is a trust worthy person but you can always tell that he is not always there in his mind or that he has his own hidden agenda when on missions. He carries a cool head in all situations, which can be relaxing but hard to understand. He’s a difficult person to understand but his strategy techniques on the battle field is some of the best, that’s why his family nicked name him mastermind. Now don't take him the wrong way because if he ever feel threaten he will cut you down without a seconds thought of it. Ace had a over all loyalty to his Captains, and he would chose death in a heart beat if it meant the Society would live longer than him. Ace also has a strong desires to protect what is left of his family.

While he may not be good with making friends, once he does they’re considered family in his eyes. Light has his own personal saying that he lives by at believe to be true thru out his whole life. “The man that lives by the sword will die by the sword and be buried on the battle field with honor. The man that lives by the pen and unwilling to bare witness to the sword’s power , will never be honorable enough to be buried by the sword. But the man that Lives by the pen and will defend what he believes in with a sword will be buried in the hall of kings and heroes.”

Ace like to drink when he doesn't have to attend to business, but he doesn't mind social drinking when it call for it. He loves to be surround by women because he is a huge flirt, but likes to find once special woman to spend a night with. When the opportunity present itself you can find Ace star gazing at night, but he mains only looks at the stars in the living world. Ace love napping thru out the day when he is not busy, but he has to sleep under the sweet smell of a cherry blossom tree, or next to white rose bushes. Ace dislike being in overly crowded places where he can't move freely or hear himself thinks.

He has an extreme dislike of shady people who talks about you behind your back, even worst people who would lie for unimportant reasons. He has an over obsessive O.C.D cleaning disorder although he may never tell you to your face he hate all messy people. He has the will power to fight through most tough situations and a never die attitude. Ace only weakness in his mind was he ways secretly afraid to be along. Although he never really admitted to anyone not even his self he occasionally has night mares about allowing everyone he cares about to die in battle because he is not strong enough.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Wind Nation
Organization: N/A
Bending Element:  Main : Air || Secondary : Sound
Specialty: Tactician

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Endless breath
Description:Residents of the air nation have large lung capacities and are able to hold their breath for extremely long times. They can breath in rough weather like sandstorms smoke and ash, and are very good and holding their breath.

Name:Perfect Aim
Description:Residents of the air nation have extremely accurate aim, they can locate and pin point things quickly and accurately, and almost never miss their target. They are the best marksmen out there.

Name: Marksmen's Eagle Eyes
Range: Self
Description: Every marksmen know that a target that can't be seen is a missed one. Through specialized training the user develops their eyes to see the distance of that of an eagle, and focus the eyes on targets that could as far as a mile away.

Name: Nibble Fingers
Range: Self
Description: Over the years of having to survive by any means necessary Riku developed the skill to pick pockets and use what most call street magic to take things without being noticed.

Name: General Air Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Air
Range: 10-65 meters
Description: from the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of an Air bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Air is all in the mind of the bender

Name: High Jump
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Air
Range: 10-65 (Varies on rank)
Description: With air bending as a push off force, one can jump pretty high, or horizontally, depending on choice over large distances. It all depends on the skill and rank of the bender.

Name:Air Sphere
Range: Underneath user
Description: A very common air bending technique where the bender creates a fast moving sphere of air and then rides that sphere around. This technique has little use except for fast traveling.

Name: Air Tunnel
Range:20 meters
Description: Loki creates a circular current of wind lets it reciprocate on itself and continues to do so creating a long tunnel of strong force winds that can pick up and fling opponents or objects away.

Name: Screech
Rank: General
Element: Sound
Range: 10 meters
Description: By making a high pitched sound with ones voice or a whistle or using already existing sounds one can amplify the sound with ones bending and then push it to where he desires. This sound is so high pitched that it physically hurts. Being within 10 meters can shatter eardrums and cause bleeding from the ears.

Name:Wind blade
Rank: General
Range:10 meters
Description: By focusing a lot of wind and force into a refined area and direction the user creates a cutting effect capable of cutting through stone similar to that of a highly pressurized water slash.

Quote :
Name: The Wind Dance
Rank:Captain -Lord
Element: Air
Range: 1M - Captain; 3M - General; Lord - 10M
Description: Saito created this move in order to dodge attacks in a seemingly effortless manner. What occurs is that the user abides the the principles of Airbending, which is to become one with the surroundings. The user forgets about getting through an attack, but rather becoming one with the attack and dodging it simply because the path is predicted. The path is predicted because the user of this technique becomes one with their surroundings and reaches an inner peace. Aside from the philosophy of the move, it is essentially using airbending to alter the wind resistance around the body to either increase speed or reduce it to ones benefit, while moving the body in the proper way to avoid attacks. The speed varies upon the level used.

Captain - 30mph Max
General - 50mph Max
Lord - 60mph Max

Name: Changing Paths
Rank: General
Element: Air
Range: 2 Meter Radius
Description: When an attack comes near Saito, he is able to alter the wind within his vicinity and redirect whatever is coming his way, be it an attack with a blade, or with a plethora of earth bended rocks. Basically by increasing the speed of the wind and turning away from him at the same time. Of course, certain objects may be too heavy to manipulate in time, but this is move is mainly meant to redirect the path of weapons and other projectiles rather than to deflect the elements. For instance someone brings a blade down to diagonally swipe at Saito, he can alter the wind around him slightly so that it goes around him just barely. The user can move during this, but that is optional.

Name: Piercing Sound
Rank: Captain
Element: Advanced Element I [Sound]
Range: 6 Meters
Description: In order to use this technique, the user must first create a very distinct sound. For example, whistling, or the keening sound of a blade being drawn from a sheathe. Once the noise is created, Saito manipulates it so that it increases in pitch and at the same time directs it towards the ears of his target. The sound then infiltrates the ears and may cause migraines. It may even cause the ear drums to pop. The effects vary from person to person simply because everyone's ears are different.


Specialty skills:



Type: White Fox
Name: Lu
Species: Fox
Element: N/A
Appearance: It appears is that of a normal small fox that is white
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: He found it in his travel is during a snow storm. The small fox had been wounded during the storm and Riku was able to hear it's cry. He found and took it to a shelter where he tended to it wounds. Lu has been fund of him ever since and decided to stay by his side.


Name: Wind Blade Katana
Range: 73 cm
Rank: Lord
Special Abilities: The design of the weapons allows the user to manipulate wind into his swordsman ship.
Origin: It was a special crafted blade that was given to him when he was a teenager. His father too was an excellent swordsman, and had it specially made for Riku.

History and RP Sample:
Birth: Houki was born in a small town just outside of the city on June 28, his younger sister would be born several hours later on the morning of June 29. Houki and his twin sister would be the first and only children born into the San Hasu household. Darius San Hasu would final have the prefect family, after five years of trying to have children, his prayers would be answer with a beautiful little girl and son that looked like him. Darius worked in the Earth Kingdom as a bodyguard for of one of the kingdom most talented earth bender and council member. George was known for helping to reshape the world with his discovery in medical research and even more in his research in military weaponry and tactics. George was also a man known as Darius's father.

After the birth of her twin baby's Ashley would become a stay at home mom for the first few years of her children life. Once they became the proper age of 5 years old the desires to want to get back into her traveling would speak louder than the children calling her momma. It was during this time Darius had proven his worth to his father and was promoted to a researcher. His pay had tripled and he was placed in control of a few adventures that they wanted to break into. Like Darius had promised moving him up was the smartest thing they could do as a nation as he was able to land his father’s company several plans that brought the company even more wealth.

With the company in love with his work, he would become a self-made millionaire by the time the children were 7. The bang would not end there as his father would leave his business in the care of Darius as he planned to retire and return to their homeland of southern wind temple. George San Hasu would be finally laid to rest on Sept 13 just only after the children had turned twelve. George San Hasu had no other family to speak of and believed that Darius is only begotten son would take care of the business that he had spent his whole life building. George would be laid to rest next to his lovely wife and Darius's Mother Olivia San Hasu, whom George San Hasu had loved so much that he even changed his middle name after his beloved wife.

Teenagers: By the time Houki had reached the age of 10, his parents had no time for him and his sisters. Due to their parent's busy life style, Henry, their Butler would be hired. Both Houki and Danielle loved Henry as if he was the Grandfather they never had. Henry was responsible for keeping the children in check, so he taught them that it was best to be seen and not heard in the present of guess. They were homed school up until the age of 13, when their parent would decide that they needed to interact act with other children their own age. Instead of sending the children to the schools in the kingdom, Houki and Danielle would be separated from each other and sent to two different temples to study the art of air bending.

This was the first time that Houki realized that he hated his parents and lost control. It was bad enough; they never had time for him unless they were entertaining guess, now they were pulling; no tearing apart the only true family he had. That would be the first time Houki would display his air bending abilities as his body would cast a whirlwind funnel of wind. Somehow Danielle would be able to calm Houki down, as she spoke soft promises into his ear on how things between them wouldn’t change, and how they could visit each other. With nether Ashley or Darius able to explain the reason why Houki freaked out in their house they would begin looking into places that could deal with his problem. Almost two weeks later Houki would have another break down as he nearly brought down the house in front of several of his father’s business partners. It would be then that a solution had been placed on a silver platter. Almost a week later a man would be knocking on the door wearing a southern temple robe. During the interview he would speak alone with Houki.

During this time he was able to convince him that he was special, and told him of how he could be a danger to his sister if he didn’t learn to control this power. Houki would agree to come see the temple first hand and make a decision once he had a chance to look things over. After the man had left Darius and Ashley would approach Houki and tell him, it was either go to the temple or find a new home, because until he could control himself, he would not be allowed to live with in their home. Unsure of what else he could possible do, Houki would grit his teeth and do as he was told, the following spring he would enroll into the temple. For some this would seem as a simple trade off, Houki would attend training at the temple and visit is sister twice a year, and he was given enough money to survive off of and the lie that he belong to a family.

For the first few months, Houki would keep to himself; he didn’t speak much or do anything at all beside study. He long to be with his sister and Henry again, the thoughts of being alone cause him many nightmare until one night he snapped. This would be the first time that Houki would see the temple for what it was a true home. Although Houki hated the current living conditions, it was not all bad as he meet his best friend Chris at the temple. On the night that Houki had lost control, Chris would rush to his side and whisper in his ear just as Danielle had did when he was younger. Chris would explain that he used was mental influences to calms Houki’s mind. From that night on, they would be almost inseparable, as they manage to take all the same classes, eat together, and spend pretty much all of their time together. They were thick as thieves until one day after studying Chris would bring up the fact that he had to return home.

It would seem that his father had become ill and mother needed his help caring for him and their farm. They would both agree that as soon as Chris’s father was to better that he would return to the temple. That day would never come as the following summer cancer would finally claim Chris’s father, following the passing of his father Chris would enroll into a local school in his hometown. Although Houki had opened up, it was not the same without Chris around, so on all of the following holiday’s Houki would spend his vacations at Chris’s home going over everything that he had learned in the temple. The two would remain good friend for the years to come, setting out time to visit each other and hang out. Chris would eventually make his way back into Houki’s life as a classmate as they would both attend their final year at the temple.

For the past few summer, Houki had work at Chris’s family shop, and made time to visit his sister when his parents were away. During his time at the temple, Houki was able to learn how to control his rage, and picked up a skill in swordsmanship. The Houki would graduate the temple with the skills of a true swords man and the ability to use air bending with sword play. He would finally resolve that he had enough control that he would make a visit to see his parents it would be during the spring break of his senior year. He and Sarah had been dating for a year at the time and things were getting serious. He had made plans to announce that he and Sarah were planning a trip out to see the world, but the relationship would be cut shortly after Houki's parent announced that he was arrange marriage Amber Macros. Houki and Sarah would end up breaking after getting into a huge fight about the situation.

It would be later found out that his parents had intentionally broke up his relationship with Sarah, due to the fact she came from a back ground with less than rich heritage. That would be the last and final time that Houki visited home or accepted anything from his parents. He would work hard to graduate from the temple with and easily was able to find work here and the he currently lives in the land of the Southern Air Temple. He is now currently working a part time job at a café, and still not speaking to his parents.

Rp Sample:
Naruto Revolution Old post: Light would slowly make his way down towards the bank of a pond as he allowed his arms to stretch up towards the heavens. A sigh of relief slowly poured over his lips as he flopped on the ground and tossed his sweat soaked t-shirt onto a patch of grass not far from him. For some time now he had been spending most of his time training in the fresh air of the forest, a few miles away from a small town that he used to gather supplies every once in a while. A soft mellow breeze would wash across his body, as Light’s glaze would turn towards the ceiling of the forest and stare at the speckles of sunlight that tried to break through the canopy of the tree tops. Today the forest seemed a little livelier than usually as the sounds of birds filled the air and bees and butterflies danced across the floor of flowers. A soft smile would slowly break across Light’s lips as he managed to get up and slowly make his way down into the water. His body would slowly recline, and float across the top of the water as soft waves pushed him in endless circles around the pond.

“Father, why did you do this to me? Why did you leave me all alone when you knew that I stilled need you? Why of all people did you have to die? You were a good man, you worked hard, you never stole and you love me as your son; so why you? Why won’t any one answer me? You said that life would only deal me a hand that I can handle. Well I can’t handle this! I can stand the loneliness!” Light’s body would jerk forwards as he would use his hand to slap against the surface of the water. Quickly he would pull himself together as he managed to draw himself back towards shore where he would find a warm patch of grassed that had been bathing in the sun’s light. Light’s arms slowly stretched out to his sides as he could feel a few tears pouring of the edge of his eyes and running their course down the side of his cheeks. Again he would find that there was no one who could answer him for he was still alone in this world. Slowly another breeze washed across his body as he eyes slowly shut.

"You know, talking to yourself is probably not the best way to deal with loneliness, or grief. Just make you look crazy."

Light's eyes would slowly slide open and reveal his hazel green pupils. His mind's thoughts raced but his lips slowly begin to form words that rang out simple and pure. "It's one thing to look crazy, a completely different thing to actually be crazy." He allowed his mind to debate when did the stranger make his approach, how could he allow his guard to slips so far that a man was able to slip into his range and climb a tree without him noticing him. Again another debate filled his mind as he questioned who this man was, and what he wanted. For now he would seem harmless as his tone didn't seem to be harsh or carry the intent of violence, but as a ninja Light knew that most people had alterative motives; so why should this stranger be any different.

Slowly he allow his body to lean forward as he pushed himself to his feet before using a simple Shunshin no Jutsu to get himself from the ground and up into the tree. His would land on a branch that was slightly higher the stranger and off to the man's right side of his body. The branch it's self was very thick and smooth and had very few leafs hanging from it. At the end of the branch sat a birds nest with three birds eggs still siting inside of it. Light allowed a soft chuckle to pass of over his lips as he allowed his head to rest against the base of the tree. "So tell me pal, what's your name? Mine is Light Noromay." He left leg would slowly hang off the side of the branch as he carelessly swung it back and forth as a light breezed washed against his body.

From this angle, Light would again look at the many ways that this tree could have been approached without him noticing the man. As he examined the area once more, he would debate weather or not the man had already been in the tree, when he had arrive. So many things were running through Light's mind and yet so few things he could answer. He wondered if this man was a ninja like him. His eyes slowly looked down the base of the tree as it was very large and almost impossible to climb with your bare hands and as for the branches at the bottom of the tree, they were too thin to even support the weight of a child let along a full grown man. Also there were no signs of damage to the base of the tree to support the notion that the man used a weapon or tool of some sort to climb it. Light allowed a soft mental sigh to wash over his mind as he awaited for the man's response.
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Request of Rank Change. unapproved.
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