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Lee Chaelin 7Qz8BQK
Basic Character Information

Name: Lee Chaelin
Alias: Celaena
Age: Twenty-Six
Gender: Female
Lee Chaelin YyoItXZ

Celaena stands a comfortable height of 5'7", which in turn makes her just a few inches taller than the average woman is. Her height is something she is grateful for along with her beauty as it grants her the ability to stand out a bit more than the average woman like she loves to. Tall as she is, and with a well endowed figure, she more weighted than the average female as well, at 140 lbs, but regardless her weight is still desirable as she is neither overweight nor underweight. The rest of her body leaves much to be desired by both men and women alike, with her having deeply admired features. Her breasts are quite large. Not large that it makes her seem artificial, but large enough that it draws a lot of attention to her. Her hip, waist and her rear are all proportionate to the rest of her body, not exactly standing out like that of her breasts, but certainly no ordinary woman would compare. Her most distinctive trait happens to be her legs. Even when considering her pretty face, her large breasts and the rest of her other features, her legs still stands out to most. They are long, and while they are well muscled, they usually come off as just a pair of smooth, slim, supple legs. Her skin is smooth to the touch in most places, but her years of being forcefully trained by her master are still visible in a few faint scars and bruises all over her body. Most of which have of course faded, but some scars never leave. Albeit, Chaelin keeps most of these scars out of sight with her choice of attires or by using well placed make-up. Note worthily, being her most outstanding feature, her legs have no prominent scars.

Much like with the rest of her physical features, Chaelin's pride in her attire is no different.

She prefers to dress in very formal and flamboyant clothing, especially when in the presence of other royalty to help her chances of persuasion. Mostly she is quite fond of dress. She has a bit of a belief though that with fashion comes pain. That said, Chaelin would go out of her way to wear clothing that hurt her or almost kill her just for the sake of looking good.

While she tends to dress very flamboyantly and formally, her years away from the Fire Nation and with her master, Jin, had thought her to not always be so fussy when it comes to her clothing. That said, whenever she feels the need to take a break from all this formalities, she can be a very down to earth person with her clothing, much like with her personality, usually wearing simple or informal clothing.  She believes that her clothing or only a extra addition to her beauty which is why she is so confident to wear such clothing. That said, she has no problem wearing rather promiscuous clothing, or even no clothing at all. Albeit, while proud of her beauty, she still refrains from wearing such clothing within the Fire Nation, or if she does she would only do so when no one she holds in high regards is looking.

Overall, with a mix of both formal and informal clothing, she has a very large wardrobe of clothing. She has actually hand picked all of clothing and is a confessed shopaholic.

Chaelin's worst trait is her high level of arrogance. In fact it is more like a god complex as she literally claims herself as a goddess. She thinks she is better than mostly anyone - with only a few exceptions - and she lets them know it. That said, she can be a very loudmouthed and most people consider her borderline obnoxious.

While she may have a god complex by definition, she is more like a demon. Arrogant as she is, the woman has a great level of cruelty. She believes that she can do whatever she want, which would typically involve her punishing others. There isn't much of a limit to her cruelty as the woman would kill a person just to make a point and only show a slim bit of regret afterwards.

While she may usually be a very proud and arrogant person, Chaelin is actually a very intelligent young woman. Her first few years within the Fire Nation as a princess she was enrolled the best of tutorship the Fire Nation had the offer, and even when considering that, she always was naturally a genius as she learned easily, both academically and physically (bending). She is considered a very good strategist, and always thinks before she acts.

Matching with her good ability for understand, Chaelin is a very good manipulator. She knows good and well how to get people to do things that they wouldn't usually do. One of her worst traits is her terrible habit of submit to conquer. She doesn't care what she has to do to get what she wants, whether it be using her own body or the lives of others to succeed her ultimate goal(s), believing strongly that in order to conquer one must put their dignity last. Her condescend nature is mostly exhibited when it comes to those of high standards such as with the Fire Lord who she acts friendly towards.

Regardless, cruel as she is, Chaelin isn't without her good traits that makes her less of a demon and more of a human. She does exhibit moments of kindness towards other, but this only ever really occurs whenever she has build a strong enough bond with a person. The best example of her kindness is her sincere love for her master, Donghae - albeit ask her of it and she'd deny it. She also does care for those of her family with the exception of her father.

Still, while most people would expect that the cruel and selfish behavior that Chaelin exhibits is simply a facade and that the real her is just a fragile little girl like most princess, Chaelin isn't such. Yes, it is possible to manipulator her by getting on her good side, and yes she has fears - such as losing those she care for - and it is easy to even get her to submit, but the woman will can never be broken. She is the type of person to cry her heart out over a matter and then overcome it. That said, a person can hurt her but they can never break her.

Chaelin suffers from a mild case of multipersonality disorder. Mild in that she only has one alternative personality. Albeit, her alternate personality does showcase itself quite frequently.

Her alternative personality is quite a contrast to her usual self as she turns into a extremely helpful person. In this state once a person requests something of her she believes that it is her duty to do it, almost no matter what the cost. This tendency doesn't have a limit as she would help a stranger as she would a friend, which in turn tends to get her into regrettable situations, that either risk herself or others.

Matching with her neediness to help and please, she also becomes quite a giddy, or a obnoxious person. She sees things in a very positive light in this state, usually  She also can be quite clingy, usually believing that she can help a person so she would stick by their side until she is needed.

Although, unlike most cases with multipersonality disorder where the victim isn't aware of their mood changes, Chaelin actually knows of her mood swings. Albeit it contrasts her completely, she actually doesn't mind her alternative personality since she sees it as a good way to make people trust her, matching to her condescending nature. That said, Chaelin is basically the type of person who when she is "good", she is one of the best acquaintance a person may find, whereas when she is "bad", she is one of the worst enemies one can have.

Rank Information

Rank: General
Military Rank: Princess
Nation: Fire Empire
Organization: Unknown
Bending Element: Fire // Lightning
Specialty: Athlete

Skill Information

Special Characteristics:
Name: Furnace Flesh
Nation: Fire
Description: Residents of the Fire nation have lived and are around fire all the time. They have built up a resistance to heat and will not feel hot from their own fire or others. They can still get burned and feel pain from fire but will not be bothered by heat.

Name: Cunning wits
Nation: Fire
Description: Residents of the Fire nation are extremely cunning, they are good at battle plans and are very devious. They can formulate ideas quick in battle and are very sly individuals.

Name: Luminous Flames
Nation: Fire
Description: Chaelin's master has thought her how to generate flames and lightning that are much brighter than that of normal fire bender's fire. Chaelin has developed a considerable skill over this type of fire bending. Her flames and lightning are always bright enough that looking at it is like looking directly into the sun. She herself can manage to do such though.

Name: Quick Conjure
Nation: Fire
Description: While her destructive power a fire bender isn't fully achieved, another thing Chaelin's master thought her was how to use her bending with less movement. As a result, when it comes to fire or lightning bending Chaelin can perform attacks with little or no movement and in little to no time compared to other benders while maintaining the attack's power.

Name: General Fire Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Fire
Range: 10-65 meters
Description: From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of a Fire bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Fire is all in the mind of the bender.

Specialty skills:

Name: Peak Leg Strength
Specialty: Athlete
Ability: Even among other master athletes, the power of Chaelin's legs are impeccable due to training. Her leg strength is comparable to those of the Earth Kingdom. This makes up well for the lack of strength in her arms that are only as powerful as the average woman.

Name: Charismatic Beauty
Specialty: ---
Ability: Arrogant as she is when it comes to her charms, Chaelin's believes aren't without proof. Chaelin's beauty is something that most people have always find had to resist. Whenever her words don't get people to work towards her cause, her beauty usually plays up the part. Even considering her cruelness most people still sought to please her. Most people won't fall for her right away, but after spending a few mere seconds with her, most people fall head over heels for her witnessing her grace and finest.


Name: Hunting Daggers
Appearance: http://sorfex.webs.com/robert-shiflett-black-fantasy-typhoon-hook-dagger.jpg
Range: Varies
Rank: ---
Special Abilities: Unknown
Origin: Chaelin had first used these when her master had given them to her when he had abducted her from the Fire Nation. After he left her on her own he left them with her, which she supposed was his way of telling her to remember him. That said, she cherishes the pair of daggers deeply.

History & RP sample

Chaelin was born on August 4th to the King and Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, Zuko II, and his wife and Queen, Maelin. She was the first child and princess of the couple, with Chaelin's sister being the next birth when Chaelin was three.

Growing up on the rule of the violent Fire Natives, even though her father was a authoritative man, his methods aren't the reasons why she is the type of person she is today. being cruel, arrogant, "fiery" are all things Fire Natives possess, and as such Chaelin was no different. Albeit, being a princess, one who was spoiled miserably by her parents, and so her natural traits as a Fire Native did in fact grow worst than most.

Her present goal of being the next Fire Lord, is something that she, as well as her father, had prepare her for since she was young. She was put through the best of training, learning how to be a good leader - albeit her father  definition of a good leader was in no way "good" - and was taught how to fire bend by one of the greatest benders of the Nation, Donghae. Albeit, the one complain she had was with Donghae who she grew to dislike because he slacked off too much on her training to drink, meet women and sleep, which she saw as only hindering her progress to her ascension to Fire Lord.

The day of the birth of Chaelin's brother was cosnidered a bit of a dark day for Chaelin. Not because she hated her brother, as she and her sister had been excited. To everyone else it was a triumphant day, but that day was the day she was kidnapped under the surveillance of the Fire Nation when she was ten.

She wasn't sure how long she had been out after that or how long, but when she had woke up she was invited by the forest light. She woke up to find her fire bending master, Donghae. Naturally, the first things she had was questions and he quickly answered them, telling her everything she needed to know, including that he was the one who brought her where she was. Baffled, but angered, she demanded to be returned, to which the man didn't agree upon.

That day she had tried for her first attempt to escape from him. Albeit, she passed out long before she could returned - in fact she didn't even know which way was to get back. When she had awakened she found Donghae and was "graced", as her called it, with more news. He told her that getting back to the Fire Nation was near impossible for her since they were several miles away.

She wasn't sure why, but the man had told her that he had brought her out in the wilderness to train. He claimed that while she was a excellent student, she was too content and guarded by the Fire Nation and needed to experience the world first hand. She needed to not only feel the power of the sun which Fire Benders gathered power from, but all other sources of nature underneath the orb.

Naturally, Chaelin protested. Albeit, after two more attempts to get away from what she later considered "booth camp", she humbled and went along with it. The training with him did prove more effective as she grew, not only as a fire bender, but sort of as a person - awakening the occasional softer side she displays today. For the next ten years she went by the name Celaena whenever the two would journey into the cities.

Back at the Fire Nation, after searching for Chaelin for a near six years, her parents had eventually taught her to be killed by whoever had abducted her. Her father came down sick, and eventually the choosing of a Fire Lord came to him not choosing Chaelin's younger sister, but a foster child by the name Zaag.

The day Zaag was chosen as the Fire Lord, Chaelin didn't know anything of it since Donghae chose not to tell her of it know of it even as the two travel across a few continents as he knew she would try to return to the Fire Nation. Because of that, for ten years, Chaelin had forgotten her goal to being the Fire Empress and accepted the life without luxury.

After having gotten accustomed to the life that Donghae has provided her for the past ten years, it was natural that the day Celaena woke up and didn't find her mentor at her side, she felt a mix of loneliness and boredom even though she was abducted by him. She has set out in search of him across the nation, which is how she came to know as much of the world as she does. For a entire year nothing but finding Jin was on her mind as she searched town after town. Albeit, the world was vast and she was only one person, and she eventually came to reality that he was either dead or that it wasn't meant to be.

That year, when she was twenty-two, she returned to the Fire Nation having no where else to go. Her return was naturally a surprise to much of the Fire Nation as she had been thought dead. For Chaelin though the only thing on her mind was to succeed her father as the Fire Lord. To be at the top, where she believed she belonged.

Albeit, her years away from the Fire Nation had brought about a lot more changes than she had thought. She wasn't sure how she had not read the newspapers for so long, but the announcement of her father's death and the assignment of a new Fire Lord certainly wasn't something she had heard about during her time away.

Angered, Chaelin confronted those of the higher ranks over the matter. Albeit, her efforts were without fruit as she nothing came out of it other than them warning her than challenging the Fire Empress would lead to either her banishment of death. She conceded, but never once did she forgive and forget. She remained as the princess of the new Fire Empire, but knowing that she would quicker die than the young Empress, she still plots to take back what her father and the young empress had stolen from her.

Rp Sample: (Suggested but not required)

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