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Basic Character Information:
Lei Fang [Complete] Agzk2

Name: Lei Fang
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Looks: Lei is of a very average height male being about 6’2 in height and weight no more than 175 pounds. Lei build is something that he’s become very comfortable with as he uses it to is advantage for playing sports, and wearing clothes that most people couldn’t get away with unless they had a similar bod. Lei has short brown hair that comes down to the top of his shoulders. He hair is usually a messy spike and run close to almost looking Mo-hawkish though some see this a weird hair style, Lei has grown fond of it and doesn't care what others think.

Lei’s normal outfit on warm days is usually a simple t-shirt that hugs his torso and a pair of jeans. His shoes range for a large selection and normally match his shirts. His winter attire is all but the same as he is into wearing cashmere sweaters and scarf; he shoes selections changes from tennis shoes to designer boots for men. Lei has the belief that one should dress how he wants the world to see them. As for assessors he into rubber bands, in fact he’s collected about a hundred of them in different colors and meaning on them. His favourite ones are black and white are they pretty much can be worn with anything in his closet. Outside the city he tends to wears his clothes a tab bit more loosely as he likes to fly under the radar of the police and avoided being a victim to harassment for dressing inappropriately.

For the most part Lei has flawless skin and a smile that can light up a room. His teeth are a silky white and the boarders of his eyes are the same color. His face is normally kept at a clean cut and shows the defined structure of his jawline with the dimples flowing nicely to his chin. His fingernails are always kept trimmed and have a nature polished shin to them that he does nothing to maintain. On the back of his hand a small portion of his skin is disfigured and scared for an accident that took place when he was a child. Although is it a scar, it has a moon-like shape to it and has been tattooed around with a sun. Making it look as if too was a part of the originally tattoo.  

Social | Lei has an overall outgoing personality. He likes to meet new people and experience different things as often as possible. He finds that meeting new people can often brings new teachings that one can use through out everyday living. He's never been the type to be shy or soft spoken, so at times he says things without thing out the full impact of what is being said. This is often a burden and a gift; as he will say things that can create awkward situations and seem totally out of character. While at other times, he says things that carry deep meaning and can brighten someone else's day.

Driven | Lei has a drive to do what ever it takes to succeeded, even if that means putting his life on the line to accomplish his goals. He always gives everything a hundred and fifty percent as he's never been the type to halfway do anything. He feels that he always does he and best and a little bite more, he can never fail. He often takes on jobs that are considered hard as he likes to test his limits and push himself to the next level. He dreams of making the rank of General in the army, but due to his poor background and lack of fire knowledge he is often seen as simple commoners who got lucky because of his family status.

Likes | Lei likes are very simple indeed as he's not a complicated person to understand. Lei has a fond like of women as he thinks of most of them as beautiful flowers with their own build and design. He loves the outdoors as he like to hike, and spend countless hours looking at the sky and stars. He loves to eat, he enjoys a good meal when ever he can get one. Lei is not shy to hard-work and feel that it brings good fortune, as no good deed goes unrewarded. Although he's not very old he enjoys a good drink as well as it often a good way to take his mind off of things.

Dislikes | Lei dislikes are very simple too as he expresses them very openly and without shame. Lei has a extreme dislike of abusiveness men that takes their anger out on women and small children. Although he has never had to deal with it form a personal stand point, something about it strikes a nerve. He hates being stuck indoors as he finds it confining and boring when there is nothing to do. He hates the smell of blood as it reminds him to much of death and suffering. Lei is not fond of lazy people as he feels that they are the cause of all evil, they expect things to happen without putting in the necessary work to get it done for themselves.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Military Rank: Lieutenant General
Branch: Capital City
Nation: Fire Nation
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Fire || Lightning
Speciality: Athletic  

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Acrobatic Runner (Parkour)
Range: Self
Description: The user is able to run and use the environment to his advantage and get around quickly while flipping, jumping and rolling as he sees fits.

Name: Heat resistant
Range: Self
Description: Although the user still can be burned, being around flames does not bother them as they can hardly feel the difference in temperature.

Name: Hunter
Range: Self
Description: The user is able to track prey/people through their knowledge of how to haunt. They look for things that could give them clues on their whereabouts.  

Name: Swift hands
Range: Self
Description: The user is able to pick things up without being noticed. He's also able to grab tools and weapons off his body or out of the air quickly.

Name: Teal Flames
Range: Self
Description: The user fires burn a different color than most (green and blue). It is a rare talent that few have yet to master.


fire bending:

Specialty skills:

Name: Perfected Balanced
Specialty: Athletic
Ability: No matter where the user is they are able to find their sense of balance which allows them to adjust their body accordingly so that they avoid falling or decrease the impact of a fall.

Name: Flexible body
Specialty: Athletic
Ability: The user is triple jointed and is able to bend his body and dislocate and relocate limbs as needed. He is also very limber and this allows him to get out of tight situations.


Type: Flame Wolf
Name: Kato
Species: The Gray Wolf
Element: Fire
Special Abilities:

    Fire Breath | The wolf can shoot flames, that reach about 20 meters out.
    Flame Claws | The wolf's claws can spark flames and burn through just about anything short of stone.
    Fire Endured | Due to its ability to handle flames, it is normal okay for it to take a blast of fire provided it's not lightning or lava based.  It can withstand solider rank heat, but will on last the a five seconds under the flames of a Captain.
    Obedient Friend | Kato is very loyal to Lei and will only listen to Lei.
    Size | Is about 6 feet tall from head to toe, 8 feet from nose to tail and weighs about 250 lbs
    Speed | The Wolf's running speed is normally 40 mph and can max out at 80 mphs.
    Tracking | Due to Kato's great since of smell he's able to track people up to a mile away, and even father him he has their scent locked in. (3 miles unless they do something to throw off him off)

Origin: Lei is not sure how his father came into possession of a his wolf, by Lei does know that Kato is the offspring of his father's pet wolf. His father tell him that he found it in his travels and the wolves of their family have always had a kindness that could not be denied.


Name: Dragon
Range: 3 feet
Rank: Grows with solider
Special Abilities:

    Dragon Scale | The Blade can withstand extreme heats, and not lose shape. It can withstand Captain rank heat, but will on last the a five seconds under the flames of a general.
    Dragon Claws | The Blade has been sharpened by a master jeweler who is known for making blades that can cut through stone and not even dent.
    Dragon Rage | The Blade is constructed in away that the user can channel their flames around it and set it on fire. 

Origin: Dragon was once owned by Lei's grandfather, General Firu the Dragon Slayer, he was an honorable solider who was known for his swordsman ship and fire bending. The sword was a gift from the previous Fire Lord who trusted Haru greatly.

History and RP Sample:

Birth | Lei Fang was born on July 4,  which would turn his home into a house of four. His father at the time was a solider to the Imperial Army of the Fire Nation, just like his father before him and his before him. With no exceptions Lei was to follows in the same path of their ancestors before them. Just like his older brother Juan Fang had started to do. At the time of Lei's birth Juan was five years old and already showing promise too be just as strong as their Grandfather.

Juan practiced everyday rain, sleet, or shine, and this too would be something the Lei would take into notice as he would soon find out that he was destined to be compared to his brother for the rest of his life. With no intent to  spend his life living in his brother's shadow by the time Lei was two he was walking, and by four he was outside beside his brother practicing everyday. Juan patience with Lei helped to build their brotherly bond, which lead to the bases knowledge of fire bending. The questions about who would be the strongest and become head of the household created a stronger bond of rivalry. That too feed into the development of both boys fire bending.

By the time Juan was 15 teen he was playing with a skill that most benders dreamt about. Due to some special training he had got from their grandfather, Juan had figured out the bases of how to bend lightning. This was a huge step forward for him and left Lei even more in shadows than him being younger by five years. Lei would continue his studies as a fire bender on his own as Juan had far surpassed the boundaries where it was still safe for Lei to train with him. In his free time, their grandfather, Haru found time to give Lei some specialized training in the art of weapon combat. Although this was a trade he wanted to pass down to both grandchildren, he saw that Juan had no interest in it and Lei really needed something to push his training to the next level.

By the time Lei was fifteen he showed promised that not even Haru could have expected. Lei had stumbled into a style of fire bending that only one person had done before him, Azul Mistress, Aoi. Lei's flames had changed colored just like his grandmother's did, and everyone in the family knew that her fire bending rivaled that of Haru. Lei would begin his training with grandmother soon following this display. Although her blue flames was impressive, Lei green flames where something to marvel at as he showed that his fames could dance in the color of blue, green and teal.

Army Rags | By the time Lei was 17 he had joined the army and his brother had already made rank of Captain and was looking towards another promotion in the near future. Lei would not allow this to hold him back as he would show his value to his commanding officer and push and thrive towards the markers that he his brother had set. Although to Lei it was as if he was chasing the ghost it was something he had to be done, he had to prove his worth, he demanded the respect that was owed to him based off his own hard work and not his family's name. It would be during his time as a Private where he would make a statement.

Lei is not sure what sparked the issue between him and a few of the Corporals, and to this day he's not sure if it really had anything to do with him at all. Lei would find himself being attacked at all times of day as they showed such hatred from him, and though they were never really caught, they seemed to set it up where Lei would end of taking the fall as solider out of order. The issues would get to be so bad that he would end up in front of the Imperial Court Marshalls debating on weather he should be removed from the ranks or not. Lucky for him, his family would have enough pull to by him another chance on the front lines in the heat of battle.

Although Lei hadn't expected to take this route his journey to the top did not change by the time he was of age 21 he had reached the rank of First Lieutenant and was accepted home with open arms. During the time he was away, his father had become ill and was forced into early retirement for health reasons. His Brother had made rank of General and his grandfather and grandmother had decided to go see the world. Lei would be reassigned to Capital City where he could keep an eye on his parent while his brother could not. Although he is not fond of the idea that his brother is still pulling strings in his life, there are not a lot of people questioning his skills anymore.

As for the Corporals that sough out to cause trouble for Lei, they are currently working under him and he has a firm foot on the back of their throats.

Rp Sample:

Not my best work. It was something out of boredom.
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Lei Fang [Complete]
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