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The four nations: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Come join and start your own journey as a bender, weapon user, or a common cabbage vendor. Welcome to Avatar RPG!
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 Were the Clouds Meet the Earth (open)

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PostSubject: Were the Clouds Meet the Earth (open)   Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:53 am

The day was almost halfway gone when Houki would find himself making his way to one of his favorite hiding spots. He'd slowly find the base of an old cherry blossom tree and rest his back against it. His eyes would slowly close as his breathe began to shortened. Thought's off his little sister would dance across his mind for a brief second before. He would soon be brought back to reality bite a soft nip on his finger, his would slowly look down as he would stare in the face of a small white fox. "What's the matter Lu was I doing it again?" The little white fox would quickly climb his shirt and wraps it's self around his neck, before hopping back down into his lap. "You are a silly one aren't you." Houki would chuckle to himself before softly petting the small fox's head and leaning back. "Lu how would you feel about going to visit the earth Kingdom." Lu would shuffle in his lap before laying back down. "I guess you're right, well how about the fire nation. I here they have some interesting teas there and we may need to sample a few." Lu's head would lean up for a brief moment before resting back in Houki's lap.


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Were the Clouds Meet the Earth (open)
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