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 Suidao [Earthbender, NKP]

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PostSubject: Suidao [Earthbender, NKP]   Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:22 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Suidao (Tunnel In Chinese)
Age: 24
Gender: Male



Suidao is five and a half feet tall and his body is more muscular than the civilian. He has a normally darker complexion due to being covered in dirt when traveling through his tunnels. Without the dirt he becomes almost starch white because his skin can not tan due to the layer of dirt. He normally dresses in a black tight fitting suit made of cloth and wears a headband that also doubles as a face mask. His eyes and hair are both a dark brown, his hair being kept short and clean cut. Under his suit he has scars on his back all being vertical and large all stemming from years of torture.

Personality: Suidao is a person who has been abused in the past. He has become after years of being oppressed Suidao wants to become the oppressor. He wants to control those weaker them him and does not follow orders well. He sometimes will blatantly follow the order if he feels that he does not have the freedom to. He feels compassion for those being abused and tries to help them unless they work as for the government of the Earth Kingdom.

Suidao is a kind of person that thinks of riddles and puzzles for pleasure. When he has free time Suidao likes to create and solve puzzles. He likes to talk to those he deems inferior to himself in riddles and confuse them mentally. He likes to devise complex plans for no reason at all but to keep his mind as sharp as can be.

Suidao enjoys riddles, puzzles, music, delicious food, compassionate people. He dislikes abuse to anyone, oppression, governments, and bright lights.

Rank Information:

Rank: Captain
Nation: Nen Ken Po
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Earth
Specialty: Tactician

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Rough Hide
Description:Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name:Brute Force
Description:Residents of Earth nation are strong brute like people. Their physical strength is increased and unmatched by others. They can punch, kick lift and move things with so much more power than those not from the Earth nation

Name: Mental Math
Range: Self
Description: Suidao is able to calculate distance and speed in almost an instant. This does not include things that are moving faster than 100 mph or tiny projectiles. He must have sight of the target to measure.

Name: Locked Away
Range: Self
Ability: After being sealed in a dark place for years Suidao is able to almost see in the dark. He even when pitch black is able to give definite shapes out of the shadows but can not tell fine details. Example, he can tell that there is a person standing there but can not tell who the person is.

Name: Before the guards see
Range: Self
Ability: Suidao performed earthbending for years. He performed bending in quick succession so that not one of the guards were watching him. This allows him to execute bending techniques that would normally take two posts into one or be able to combo two techniques in that time it would take to do one.

Name: Tight Bending
Range: Self
Description: After bending in his restraints in prison Suidao has kept the property of able to make the slightest of moves to bend. This means he can bend while in tight spaces or in restraints.


Name: Abusive Past
Range: Self
Description: Suidao has been beaten and tortured for a portion of his life. From these events he whenever he is severely burned or cut goes into a blind rage mode for 2 posts attacking anyone he sees. While in this rage mode Suidao becomes lost within his own mind and can not break free for any reason.


Name: General Earth Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Earth
Range: 1x1-20x20 meters
Description: From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of an Earth bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Earth is all in the mind of the bender.

Name: Labyrinth
Rank: Captain - Lord
Element: Earth
Range: 10 - 30 Meters
Description: Suidao moves the current layer of earth into the shape of a complex labyrinth. If on the surface only the walls are raised to a height no higher then 3 meters. If underground the labyrinth walls and actual opening are 2 meters high. The user is in the center of the constructed maze and takes a non-tactician bender 6-10 posts to get through. A tactician can get through the labyrinth in 4 posts.

Name: Aftershock Map
Rank: Recruit
Element: Earth
Range: 10 Meters
Description: Suidao taps his heels on the ground. He sends a small shockwave out of his heels and then as the wave goes it so small it is undetectable by any earthbender that has their feet on the ground. The shockwave goes out in a circular pattern and once at its max range reverberates back to Suidao and gives him a mental image of where things are. This technique takes two posts to go out and come back. When the end of the second post comes you must have your feet on the ground to attain the image.

Name: Burrow
Rank: Captain
Element: Earth
Range: 10 Meters ahead
Description: Suidao is able to move a total of five meters of earth infront of him into a tunnel. These tunnels are structurally sound and can not collapse on their own unless hit with a earthbending technique Captain or higher.

Name: Drag
Rank: Soldier
Element: Earth
Range: Touch
Description: Suidao moves his feet apart and open the earth below him able to slip into the earth. If there is an open space below him he is able to drop into it. The max he is able to drop is 5 meters.

Specialty skills:
(Skills and techniques useing the job or specialty that you have. Pleas ebe as detailed as possible.)

Name: Cartographer
Specialty: Tact.
Description: Using his tactically based mind and his earthbending, Suidao is able to map out any complex area he creates and is able to use exact measurements and can tell even the slightest change in the area.

Name: Reaction Speed
Specialty: Tact
Ability: Suidao is able to react to situations faster than the average person. He can make split decisions quickly and still have them well thought out or be able to react to your giant fireball as it hurls out of your hand. He can formulate plans in the heat of battle and able to adapt these plans to the situation.


Name: Glowstones
Appearance: A dark green crystal when unlit kept in shards of around 15 centimeters each. When lit they give off a faint green light.
Range: N/A
Rank: Recruit
Special Abilities: These stones are able to be activated by earthbending and can be combined into one single shard. These stones give off in one shard asmuch light as a lit candle. When the stones are combined their light combines.
Origin: When working in the prisons of the Earth Nation Suidao was able to find these dark emerald like crystals that give off a faint glow. After finding their abundancy he had grabbed them and kept them on himself ever since.

Name: Dust mask
Appearance: A metal piece either worn on Suidao's head or infront of his mouth. This metal is both ornate and thick. He is able to breathe clean air through it when drawn down infront of his mouth and when drawn up works as a headband.
Range: N/A
Rank: Captain
Special Abilities: This mask allows the wearer to breathe through debris in the air. This can be any kind of air particles that include dust, sand, and even airborne poisons.
Origin: After escaping the prison he was forced into manual labor bending to keep himself alive. He began to work for a man who wanted him to patrol tunnels under his estates for creatures that would kick up dust. He kept the mask after killing the creatures inside.

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Suidao [Earthbender, NKP]   Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:40 am

welcome to NKP
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Suidao [Earthbender, NKP]
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