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 Building a bridge to Peace [Kaira]

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PostSubject: Building a bridge to Peace [Kaira]   Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:36 am

Peace, a state of mind, a state of being that many in this life tried to achieve, that many tried to obtain while living. It was a calm presence, needed to maintain structure in this world and ensure safety. Peace is what kept many alive, its what allowed people to continue going on while evil deeds lurked in the shadows. He wanted to ensure peace, not only within himself, but to his entire nation. He wanted to grasp this peace and hold it tight, for he would share with the entire Tribe of both the North and south poles. But obtaining peace came with a price, it often was not free in this world, and Turles had learned this many a time. All the pain, strive and suffering he had gone through just to get to this point, and there was still more in lay ahead. But he was here now, noble leader of the water nation, and he would stop at nothing to bring peace to his nation.

This lovely night the Lord Turles found himself in the deep cavern known as the spirit Oasis, a beautiful and gentle place where he cam to meditate and think to himself. It was a peaceful place that only he was permitted to enter at any time of the day. The crystal clear pools of water that lay contained in the oasis held two of the most prized possessions of the water nation. Two Koi fish that were physical manifestations of the spirits. Here they lived in harmony, safe from the outside world and away from harm. He enjoyed coming here and sitting by the pool, the reflection of crystal blue playing off his face as he meditated, falling into a deep and collected trance. His mind would find peace with itself, as his body connected on a spiritual level.

The night was drawing late, as the cold graceful moon had begun its rise into the sky. He enjoyed this time of night, for it was the calmest moment, it had a sense of mystery and magic about it. Thats why he had asked to hold a meeting tonight, sometime in the near future. Turles had sent word to the Avatar who represented his nation, asking to meet him here in this oasis on this very evening. It was understood that she lived a busy life, and most likely did not have time for him. But he felt this meeting was needed, words to be exchanged between the two. After returning to the Water tribes he had never taken the time to meet the Avatar, non of them, but yet he felt a deep obligation to meet atleast one, the Water avatar. She was the one who would connect his nation with the spirit world, and she was who he needed to ensure peace in his nation.

As he sat there in a calm state of mind, his only fear was that she would not show up, that she would deny him this moment and he would be forced to go about ruling this nation with no guidance, no path to follow. He feared he would have to bring peace to his home alone, or that it would never be found.
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PostSubject: Re: Building a bridge to Peace [Kaira]   Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:37 am

.The First Meeting of the Four Great Avatars


She often found herself being confined. Not through force; but through sheer will. What was it with her and her solitude that made her seem happier when she was alone? People always seemed to irk her some how. Was it paranoia that made her seem less social about people? She wasn't that socially awkward, but she sure was quiet. It wasn't that she didn't really like them… Perhaps she was just scared.

Fear was something people didn't expect of someone like her. Avatars being scared? That didn't seem to fit. She laughed, a rare sound only heard by people close to her. Her voice was sweet and melodic and her laugh was that of a young lady's. It was a shame she didn't really talk much.

When was the last time she communicated with someone besides her grandmother. Days? Weeks?

She sighed as she shimmered down into the oasis not realizing someone was there already.

"~….I need you to watch… Watch me Fade….~"


[00:42:25] Raizo : Protect my little sister in Water.
[00:42:42] Raizo : If she gets hurt, I'm going to burn your balls D<

Love you Niichan<3
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Building a bridge to Peace [Kaira]
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