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 Journey Across The Sandy Abyss [Open]

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Mr. Bubbles

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PostSubject: Journey Across The Sandy Abyss [Open]    Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:42 am

"Look what we have here. Haven't been to this little spot in quite awhile."

The titan spoke with a raspy voice as he made his way through the village gates - a massive sandstorm blowing behind him vigorously. His dusty cream colored cloak blowing in very possible direction while small traces of his well toned body popped through the openings. The boy continued walking forward - his eyes scanning the surrounding area from behind the dark tinted sunglasses. On his back resided a small travelers bag filled with personal survival items. While on his waist, clipped to a type of stylish utility belt rested a variety of sharp tools and a massively leather bag filled with gold. But the tools and bags wouldn't what would catch the attention of anyone looking at the youth. - not while the blue pulsating weapon rested firmly on his right hip. As his mighty steps continued to carry him forward, Data finally began noticing people moving along with their marry lives. Parents and children fetching water, while merchants attempted to sell their goods to gullible customers - the life in Si Wong was a very "different" one indeed. This was a little village - nothing special about it at all. The people here were kind, and the food and drink remained some of the best within the entire Earth-Kingdom - but for many, the journey through the abyss wasn't worth it. After a few more moments of walking through the dust covered earth, the young Earth-Bender came to a type of Inn. Above the Inn read a dusty wooden sign: "The Sleeping Dragon"

"Looks like I'm gettin' to sleep in a actual bed tonight? I can live with that."

The boy whispered with shrugged shoulders as his massive ebony hand pushed the wooden door frame open. To Data's surprise, the Inn was actually pretty packed with travelers from different parts of the world. He was basing this purely off some of the travelers attire. Some seemed like Fire Nation soldiers, some Air Nomads, while others from one of the four water tribes. The youth couldn't help but chuckle at this sight - these people must have been extremely lucky to make it to this place - for it is the only village within a four day walking distance. Data's heavy footsteps brought him over to a lone table far off into the corner of the Inn. The youth tossed his bag directly beside his chair, and sat down within said chair with a mighty "Thump!" - his massive dirty feet resting heavily upon the surface of the wooden table. The boy released a sigh of relaxation as he slowly shifted his muscular arms behind his head, and fixed his vision upon the bright light hanging above his table. Suddenly, his ebony ears flinched slightly as he caught wind of a waitress approaching. This woman was more than likely making a living off tips, and tips alone. Her silky smooth face, flowing black hair that stopped at the shoulders, large breasts, and with a equally proportional body to match. Data eyed her skimpy outfit as she approached with a charming grin on his face - he enjoyed what he saw.

"Can I get you anything, Sir?"

"Actually you can, gorgeous. How about bringin' me a glass of your hardest liquor?"

His left hand slowly moving from behind his head and into the leather coin class clipped upon his hip. The titan swiftly brought out three gold pieces and slid them over to the waitress with a smile.

"Right away, Sir!"

She spoke with a cheery voice receiving the extra tip before scurrying off with wild erotic hip movements. Data's eyes never left her figure as she vanished into the crowd of travelers - he knew she knew he was watching her every movement.

"Not bad, not bad...Hehe!"
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Journey Across The Sandy Abyss [Open]
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