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 Travel Anxiety (open)

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PostSubject: Travel Anxiety (open)   Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:32 am

Seiei sat upon the icy ground, in the middle of a clearing nto all too far from the palace. It was a spot benders usualy came to practice and teach bending. She had just ended what might have been the last lesson she would teach in the village before setting out to travel. She really didn't know where she planned on going to be honest. She had no particular goals in mind. She had spent years here. It had been 13 years since she got back from her travels. It had been 13 years that she had been staying in the village, teaching waterbending to others, and studying mountains of books. She had learned so much, improved her bending beyond measure, and yet right now it seemed for no real reason. She had heard that once someone has traveled so much, they are not just content to live their lives in one place. She felt the itch, the burning desire to go somewhere, see things, learn more. She had nearly reached the limits of what she could learn without traveling.

It was the where she was contemplating now, thinking about what it is best to do, and how to best approach the situation. Her old boat was probably not the best way to go to be honest. It simply was very old. It had been 13 years since it had even functioned as an actual boat. It had been dry-docked and lived in as a house during that time. She could buy a new boat, sure. It was not as if she was lacking the funds. She had money saved up for just that purpose. She had been hunting for the last 13 years, killing whales, polar leopards, polar bears, the occasional shark, seals, their furs had sold well, as had their bones to weapon makers. She had the funds yes. Seiei reached a hand up, and stroked Hara's head softly, deep in thought of what to do. She decided to stand up. Her class had ended an hour ago, and already she was growing a bit bored. She could meditate, but felt no call or need to at the moment. Her best friend and companion, Hara, stood up with her. He was large enough that she could and had ridden him often. His massive leopard like body, covered in white and grey fur was very beautiful to her. She scratched under Hara's chin for a moment, and pondered doing just that. Perhaps going for a ride.
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Travel Anxiety (open)
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