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 Time To Party Avatar Style! [Festival]

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PostSubject: Time To Party Avatar Style! [Festival]   Sat May 05, 2012 5:51 pm

Jin-Sang had just gotten into Ba Sing Se not long ago. He had been traveling around meeting people and having fun. He went to a lovely old tea shop called the Jasmine Dragon, which had quite amazing tea. He went to the University in Ba Sing Se and met with some history professors to discuss the ancient times. Jin-Sang loved talking to them because he ended up staying past nightfall. Jin-Sang stayed with one of the professors that night, and he appreciated the courtesy and the housing.

Jin-Sang ended up staying all day with the professor and at nightfall, he left to go scour the city once again. He made his way more into the inner ring of the city by the Earth Bending Trains. They were quite fascinating. Earth Benders would push the train and move it back and forth from the cities inner and outer walls. When he got into the inner ring, he saw many lights and he heard loud music coming form all over the city. He got so excited about what could be going on he jumped off of the train and the track and landed safely on the ground, simply using a little Air Bending. When he landed on the ground a group of girls were standing by and they stared at Jin-Sang with awe as he began to make his way through the city. He was used to it, so he continued onward.

There were so many lanterns and fancy lights everywhere. Multiple booths were set up selling party foods, festival masks, toys for children, and lots more. There were also many stages set up along the roads that displayed benders using amazing techniques. They were pretty impressive and neat. One Fire Bender tame a dragon made of fire with a fire whip. It was pretty neat and many people stood by to watch. Jin-Sang sat by for a second but decided to keep moving on. He stopped by a few booths along the way. He noticed that many people were in masks so he decided to get one. Jin-Sang spotted a blue mask that was a single item in one booth. Jin-Sang purchased it for a gold piece and put it on his head. Now no one would really be able to tell he was the Air Avatar. He thought this would be a fun experiment. Not only did he get a mask, but he grabbed a yummy bag of fire flakes. Jin-Sang and Master Kasai would eat these all the time, so they were no longer really hot to Jin-Sang.

He found one part of the city with people dancing and celebrating so he began to dance and celebrate along with the rest of the people. He hoped he would meet some friendly faces, and have some good times and the lovely festival.

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PostSubject: Re: Time To Party Avatar Style! [Festival]   Sat May 05, 2012 9:24 pm

Luck was not on ruaxels side tonight, it seemed every gold piece that was in his pocket was meant to go to another person, and not him. His face showed signs of disguest and anguish as he watched a big hairy man across the table form him scoop up all of the gold on the table. for the past hour he had been engaged in a heated game of Shogi, with a high price as the prize. His goal was to trick the man up and walk out with some extra spending money, however this was not the intention of fate. The large man gave off a echoing laugh, which left ruaxel walkin gout of the small store broke.

A large crowd had gathered outside, people were dancing and singing, a large group of drunk men were talking louder than they should have, while watching a flock of women in fancy dresses. This group of woman sparked his interest, causing the man to walk over and just start dancing. He noticed many people were dressed up, wearing mask and colorful clothes, while he was still dressed in his battle gear, katana strapped to his waist. He wondered why people were looking at him weird.

But there was nothing he could do about it now, he was broke and alone. The group he had traveled here with all broke up, doing their own thing while the festival lasted. He was told to meet back up with kanda before the night ended, and he would. But Ruaxel got tired of watching Mei drap herself over the man and the couple act all lovey dovey. So for now he would make a detour and find his own excitment. A large group of people were dancing, a group that had alot of sexy women in it. So he started to dance towards the group, not watching his steps. Out of no where he slammed into a man wearing a cool blue mask.

Looking to the man he tried to apologize, but his words were drowned out by the music that the man would most likely not be able to hear him. He tried to hold his hands out to show he meant no harm, however it might have looked like he was trying to attack the man in the blue mask.
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PostSubject: Re: Time To Party Avatar Style! [Festival]   Sun May 06, 2012 2:30 pm

Jin-Sang was having a lovely time dancing and having fun. He was enjoying some ancient fire nation dances with a girl he met and they were both enjoying themselves. Jin-Sang even found ways to include his staff into the dances. He kept all of his equipment on his person when leaving Hiro, but he was not too far behind. Jin-Sang was doing an old dance called the Phoenix Flight. It was very interesting and fun to do, but when he stood up a man bumped into him. Jin-Sang stood up and looked at the man who pushed him. He saw that this mysterious man was trying to apologize so he simply held up a thumbs up to note it was ok. Jin-Sang felt it was his own fault. He did not see where he was going and his the kind man. He seemed slightly dangerous though with being strapped in weapons and the such. Jin-Sang himself was strapped in gear that showed he was a threat as well though. It did not seem as dangerous, but still, a staff and some other gear showed to be at least a slight threat. Jin-Sang, however, did not plan on using any of it for a couple of reasons. One, he was an air nomad and did not like fighting. And second, this is a celebration for the four nations. Why ruin it with useless and annoying fighting? Jin-Sang just wanted to have some fun and eat his fire flakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Time To Party Avatar Style! [Festival]   

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Time To Party Avatar Style! [Festival]
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