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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules EmptyFri Mar 29, 2013 3:13 pm

RolePlay Rules

---> NO Godmoding or Metagaming. For those who do not know what Godmoding is or Metagaming here are a few examples.

The term means when applied to a RP context it is used to describe a players acting in manner where they are not bound or limited by anything (such as their Characters inability to do something) and show no regard for the actions of other people.

Here are a few random examples (they are not taken from anywhere on site, this is not an exercise to point out peoples RP skills, which take time to develop after all):

In a Standard RP Context

-A character runs in to an enemy he cannot hope to defeat. Next post he claims to kill the enemy in a blink of an eye without even losing a heart beat.

-Your character is taken captive and thrown in prison. Next they go claim to have walked out of the prison after beating the guards with nary a scratch.
In an Avatar RP context

-A Soldier ranked bender faces the Avatar and by summoning a girant boulder the size of a Sea Lion is rised up by the Soldier and crushes the Avatar.

God Modding is often simpler to do then you might realise. Every time you post the actions of another without their consent or the results of your attacks such as your fireball striking your foe your God Modding whether you realise this or not. The easy way to avoid this is to never post for other PC’s without their explicit permission and never post for the results of your attacks. Its fine to throw a fireball towards someone quite another thing to say it hits them.

---> No metagaming. For those unaware of what the term means when applied to a RP context it is used to describe a players' use of assumed characteristics of the game. In particular, metagaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to.

Here are a few random examples (they are not taken from anywhere on site, this is not an exercise to point out peoples RP skills, which take time to develop after all):

In a Standard RP Context:

A character tricking a medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never even heard of medusas and should not be aware of their petrifying stare.

In an Avatar RP Context:

The Fire Lord is walking through town in disguise when the next poster instantly knows it’s the Fire Lord and demands an Autograph.

A character was orphaned as a baby and then a stranger comes up to him concerned about him not having parents.

A recruit earth bender knows about the secret missions the Earth king has sent out.

Metagaming makes the RP less immersive and your characters actions less believable, in extreme cases it can be as bad as god-modding, being used to evade things your character wouldn’t have or acquire things he wouldn’t logically have access too.

It’s not the worse problem out there or even totally unacceptable it’s just nice to be aware of. Most metagaming is incidental and as such completely understandable but its best to try and avoid it wear possible.

--->Traveling; When traveling you must post in the travel section and make it clear where you are going and where you are coming from. You must post atleast 200 hundred words, and wait a total of 5 hours before you can move to the next nation. this can not be closed or private topics. To notify everyone that you have left your travelling topic and are now in a nation, edit your post and place an exit at the bottom of the post.

---> Natural Events; Natural events are scheduled events arranged by the administrators. Things that benefit and sometimes hurt the nations are all there. For example: Full moons, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, The Solar Eclipse, and Sozins comet. The times for these to be active are all still arranged by the Administrators.

---> When creating a pet for your character, if it is from the show it must remain Open in the type. If you make a custom animal, then it can be closed, meaning no one but you can use it unless you give them permission. Also, if your pet can bend an element, it must be the element your character can bend.

Ex. A sky bison can only belong to an Air bender, a dragon for a Fire bender, etc.

Also, if you make a custom animal, it cannot bend any element. It can do anything it wants to, but bending is off limits for animals.

---> Auto hits are only permitted when it has been 48 hours since the persons last post. If they post an OOC message in the topic stating something about being away beforehand, you cannot auto hit them.

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Roleplay Rules
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